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Vibrant Lyrics (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: The world has its own soundtrack, and I love that fact. ^_^]

I love to lay back and listen

   to the sweet melodies

            of the world

The gentle swish a breeze makes

  as it tickles meadow grasses

    or the distant cries

         from hawk couples

       amid their dances

              high in the skies

Such vibrant lyrics made by nature

    arranged in a rueful symphony

       ancient in origin and carried on

           with practiced ease

Like the soft gurgles caused by fish

    as they streak away

           just beneath lake surfaces

or even the soft beats of a heart

       that quicken in joy at familiar faces

Rhythms oftentimes felt

        rather than heard

      like the trickle of water

                over fingertips

         and the vibrations of music

            when played on a piano

A grand music box gift

   played for everyone


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