Journal Entry #22-Publication Excitement

Warm and happy surprises can come at the most unexpected of times, as with the knowledge that two of my drabbles were accepted by the Fairfield Scribes’ publication Scribes*MICRO*Fiction ( It was wonderful news to wake up with this morning. One of those pieces was “A Looking Glass Tale,” which I’d posted on this blog, and then gotten some awesome constructive feedback on by Sam “Goldie” Kirk. Thanks to Goldie, I completely reworked the drabble, and it is that version I sent to the Fairfield Scribes, and which got accepted (alongside another drabble that I hadn’t posted on here).

So thank you so much, Goldie!

I wound up taking down the both drafts of “A Looking Glass Tale” that were posted here in case there were any issues about publication elsewhere for the literary magazine, but being able to have them here on WordPress was a great experience. And thank you so much for all the wonderful comments on them. I guess it goes to show just how big of a difference being able to connect with a community of writers can make in strengthening our creative works and skills.

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!

12 thoughts on “Journal Entry #22-Publication Excitement

    1. Aww, I’m glad it made your day, and thank you again for helping to make this wonderful event happen, Goldie. I guess it’s also a testament to how much being part of a community of writers can drive us to improve our work and make our dreams come true. ^_^

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