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The Cherished Bonds We Form

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: All good friendships start somewhere. ^_^]

We began as strangers




       joined only by the thin thread

                of a desire for affection

                          to reach out and

                              feel the warmth

                      known to those who

                        have come to share



As such                   we began

             in little ways

      to share time with each other

            to learn the ways

                           in which we move


                                     and behave


                       most important of all

                             to reveal what lurks

                                   in our minds and hearts

           Like dancers who strive

                  towards synchronization

                            until they can create

                          their own unique


Time has tested our resolve

       then offered opportunities to draw closer

                                                             trust more

                                                    and grow fonder

                 of the little quirks

                         that trigger recognition

                              rather than just confusion

                                    and transform unfamiliar encounters

                                            into cherished visits

Please                my dear friend

       let us continue to grow together

                      nourished by years of efforts

                               from sprouts of discovery

                               into blossoms of harmony


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