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Journal Entry #20–A Strawberry Moon and Some Good News

Hello everyone! The last several days have been eventful, and summertime is almost here. I must admit that I’m very excited about taking advantage of good weather to hopefully travel around a bit and write about different places.

Tonight, though, we’re supposed to enjoy a full moon, otherwise known as a “Strawberry Moon.” Whoever decided that the first full moon of each month deserved its own special name deserves a commendation, because the names are cute or incredible, such as “Flower Moon,” “Beaver Moon,” and “Cold Moon.” Here is an article from the Royal Museums Greenwich that describes them:

On another front, I have some great news to report–Shackle Bound Books has asked to publish one of my dribbles in one of their anthologies, Planetside! It was wonderful news to hear, and very encouraging, and I’ll try to post updates about it as I learn more.

Creative Gems, the book collaboration I’ve participated in alongside Andrea (children’s book illustrator) and many other writers here on WordPress, is also just about ready to get published and should be available by the end of this month. It has been exciting to watch the project come together, and Andrea and everyone deserves so much praise for making it a reality. I plan to post about that release as well. ^_^

Here is the book trailer for it:

This summer is going to be great!


18 thoughts on “Journal Entry #20–A Strawberry Moon and Some Good News

  1. Love the enthusiasm!
    CongratZ on the publication in an anthology!
    I can’t wait to see Creative Gems in reality, either. Andrea’s been working on putting it together so hard. And I can’t wait to read all of the wonderful stories complemented by the drawings.

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    1. Agreed. Andrea sent out what the assembled collection would look like to all the collaborators, and it just made me even more excited for its release. Creative Gems is such a wonderful project, and I love the way it has brought so many people together. ^_^

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