Birthright (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: With everything that has been going on in the world lately, I’ve been counting my blessings with increasing frequency. There is still so much beauty surrounding us; I just hope everyone is able to breathe much easier and be safer soon.]

Every moment is a meteoric streak

     bright                  and fleeting

               across the formidable expanse

                                       of time

                                                 and space

Moments given to us by the universe

       to grasp like golden threads

                 that drift down from the heavens—

                            the perfect material

                                        for woven futures

                                               of our own designs

Opportunities to stand on hilltops that overlook

              vast pastures and crystalline lakes

                      run along trails through forests

                             where sunshine pours down like waterfalls

                                     from the canopy overhead

                                          and to even feel small

                                                  from the deck of a ship

                                                          far out at sea

                                                              away from any land

Excitement                     and thrills

      unique for each person who experiences them—                        

               to share with family members


                               and generations to come

All these things                  are our blessings

          from the first second

               we came to exist and grow

                          as stardust beings

                                   in a grand universe

                                               of wonders

                                       …never to take

                                                     for granted

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