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A Well-Written Story (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Dedicated to all those stories that make our lives so magical. ^_^]

A well-written story . . .

   is like a lucid dream

      where words





A well-written story . . .

      becomes an enchantment of experiences

        woven with much time and effort

      then offered as a gift from the author

                                                                 To us the readers

        As our two realities connect—author and readers

           We generate a private space all our own

                         Where we can enjoy

                            Imagination at play

A well-written story . . .

     remains in the minds

       of those it has entered

    even after they have moved

            onto other worlds

It lingers like a companion

                     … throughout their lives                                


10 thoughts on “A Well-Written Story (A Poem)

  1. That’s exactly why some people like a certain piece and others not so much – it’s not only the author’s world that creates part of the magic, but the reader with their experiences and feelings is responsible for a portion of it.

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