Kitty Anniversary (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: My sweet black cat Salem has been in my life for a little over two years now, and she has made a huge difference since appearing with her mamma cat at my parents’ home. She has helped me over a lot of heartaches, and for that I’ll always be grateful.]

Oh, sweet black kitty seated on the floor

     your pupils dilate whenever my hand draw near

            then contract

                      the moment I draw it away

Before you came          little fuzzy friend

     I never knew cats could chirp

                                             or gurgle

                                            or burble

I could have never imagined the way

         you could yank books off shelves with ease

                            open cabinet doors

                    and scale drapes

Of course….                        then again…

        until you came         I never knew the sensation

                of a small furry body pressed close beside mine

                             late at night…

Every morning at six o’clock

     there you are when I awaken

              inches away from my face—

                              purring with delight

The simplest things excite you

      from ribbons dragged along the floor

                        to jingling balls tossed down hallways

                  to catnip mice that dangle from sticks

You click at birds

         roll around in sunny patches

               chase your tail

                          love to ambush my feet from around corners

                                  and constantly strive to be where I am

I constantly worry you will slip outside

                  or get hurt with your antics

                         …among similar concerns

           while you carry on a carefree existence

                      ecstatic to attract my attention

                                as you race around with tail upheld

Little one

        we have been together for over two years…

                                    …thank goodness

                                                             for you

7 thoughts on “Kitty Anniversary (A Poem)

    1. Agreed. Salem has acquired quite a few nicknames already, including “Munchkin” and “Swiffer” (because she likes to get into dusty places and has emerged on more than one occasion with cobwebs stuck to her fur).

      Do you have any animal companions?


    1. Awww, that’s so sweet as well. Furry companions are a true blessing. I grew up taking care of a Springer Spaniel/German Shepherd mix who basically looked like a large Beagle, and a Rhodesian Ridgeback hound. I miss them very much as well.


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