Mysteries Uncovered (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: I love visiting museums of all kinds. There is so much time and care put into arranging all the exhibits and sharing the knowledge they contain with anyone curious enough to see them.]

I used to believe that museums

    were where the past slumbered

    undisturbed except by those

    curious enough to wander inside

Now I realize that in museums 

    the past is awake

    and awaits eagerly

    for younger spirits

For if those new generations

    might only venture there

    they can then discover

    truths which might otherwise

          might fade if left unrecorded

         amid the vast world beyond

         the doors of their keep

Because time and progress

         can overwhelm the foundations

         of any path in one swift motion

         to bury origins under many layers

So in the act of preservation

         we can then celebrate

         how the world we know

         ever came to exist

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