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A Knight of Literature (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Dedicated to Sir Terry Pratchett, a fantasy writer who brightened the lives of many people and was the best knight ever (at least in my humble opinion).]

Many people know him well

that famed Knight of Literature

known as Sir Terry Pratchett–

   honored by the Queen of England

   for his accomplishments in fiction

       and recognized by readers worldwide

       due to those fabled books of Discworld

       that realm carried upon a cosmic turtle

Sir Pratchett fashioned his own sword

       from iron ore embedded with meteorites

Just as he took the greatest care

       in the creation of a family crest to pass along

His feats are wondrous to behold

       each one of the admirable

       from a writer wise to reality

       who never missed an opportunity

       to make light of its subtle quirks

He made Death a thoughtful soul—

       an anthropomorphic personification

He turned wizards silly and loveable

       gave us witches respected by communities

       a benign tyrant renowned for his inclusiveness

            among a huge labyrinth of characters

Yes . . .

Our world is all the better

   thanks to that wonderful Knight of Literature


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