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Journal Entry #17

Good news at last! My mom has finally gotten scheduled for her full knee surgery in August. It is a huge relief, since during the last two years, she has needed quite a bit of help just to get around, but has also been sent from one test to the next–frustrated time after time with insurance issues, lack of organization from certain clinics, etc.

I have needed to stay with my folks to help out around the house, among similar issues. But now my mom will get the care she desperately needs, and a new chapter can start for all of us.



2 thoughts on “Journal Entry #17

    1. Oh yes, please be careful! I hadn’t realized how common knee surgeries were until everything happened with my mom, and I started discussing it with friends and other family members.

      I guess what still gets to me is how long it took to even reach this point for her, where my father, brother, and I were just trying to make her comfortable while taking her to various examinations or tests. Whew! Hopefully she recovers soon afterwards, as well.


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