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Elemental Assistance (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Nature has a way of helping us out sometimes.]

Rain arrived in misty waves across

   the countryside

                                 to cool

                              and soothe

                                                    away some of the stress

                                                                                                 born from

                                                                                                 uncertain times

Like medicine from the skies

     so all those below might relax a bit more

                                          and breathe a little easier

It was a day to curl up beneath blankets

                           listen to music

                      or read books

                                                 while drops


                                                atop the roof

                                                  and against 

                                                 the windows

       ….At least until the world

               fell into sudden silence

                           then began to glow

                                  from the radiance

                              of snowflakes

                                           as they drifted down

                                   from milky     



I wrapped myself in the wonder

     of unexpected gifts from nature

            before I drifted into sweet dreams—


                                                                                         by contentment 


12 thoughts on “Elemental Assistance (A Poem)

    1. It’s also incredible just how quickly it can change. I had mist surrounding my home just this morning, which was soothing, but then it cleared up to become a clear, sunny day–as if the mist had never occurred at all.

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