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Enchantment Among the Waves (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: I originally wrote this poem about a year ago, when an uncommon event made the waves off the California coast glow with bluish hues each night. It was a gorgeous sight.]

Along the California coast    

                                     late in the evenings

    an enchantment has taken hold

                        that sets the waves alight

           with turquoise

                           to bright cerulean hues

It swirls in divine spirals

                around silhouetted surfers

     clings to the forms of dolphins who

                     glimmer on each leap

            towards the starry heavens

       but among all else

           cast the ocean into a brilliance

                unknown at other times

                      throughout the year

            . . . because organisms

                          so small as to seem


                             each shine their brightest

                                    while gathered into a huge group

                                                  to create

                                                    their own form of magic

                                                                 and survive



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