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A Brief Glimpse at The Los Angeles Review of Books


The Los Angeles Review of Books (LARB) is a solid literary review magazine, covering titles throughout the United States and throughout the world. Founded by Tom Lutz in 2011, their website is a treasure trove of articles, essays, and much more about such subjects as the literary world, art, and culture.

As their site says: “The Los Angeles Review of Books magazine was created in part as a response to the disappearance of the traditional newspaper book review supplement, and, with it, the art of lively, intelligent long-form writing on recent publications in every genre, ranging from fiction to politics. The Los Angeles Review of Books seeks to revive and reinvent the book review for the internet age, and remains committed to covering and representing today’s diverse literary and cultural landscape.”

They are a non-profit organization that encourages writers to make their voices heard and works to release information about a wide variety of publications. They also have a blog, podcasts, a publishing workshop, and a book club.


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