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A Celebration of Artistry (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Because it’s true.]

We have the magic to paint the world with our unique colors

     in a kaleidoscope of hues like a rainbow across the skies

           what we can imagine                   is what we can create

                  whether we rely on rich shades of paint

                                       the slight      touches of pencil or pen

                                  or formations out of clay and other materials

Ours is a gift presented by the universe to craft our own

                        …to help others to know such wonders as we fantasize

                                   …and to bring those dreams to life

                                                       maybe even in multiple realities

                                                                                          …multiple mediums

Like souls with galaxies that glisten in our eyes

                                                  ripple through our hair

                                           and gush from the types of tools

                                                                                    we rely upon

                                                                                         to shape the world

                     …as we intermingle with the ideas and emotions

                                                                                                of other cosmic bodies


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