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I, the Dancer

Source of Inspiration

In my heart, Iā€™m a dancer.
Lithe, I spin and leap my ecstasy
graceful, delicate, strong.
The power of the music
the dance
spins the truth
there can be no lie
in the dance
which needs no words
to tell the story
only a willing body
and a dream.

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11 thoughts on “I, the Dancer

      1. hi, thanks for the reblog. Is there anyway for reblogs to be put in the original form. A poem really needs it line breaks to get its full meaning and movement. I don’t know how it works in reblogging.

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    1. I’ve been doing my best to reblog content in its original form, but I’m still new at it. Hopefully the system doesn’t reformat it at all in the future.

      Anyway, hugs right back!


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