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Dreams and Passions (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: I hope everyone finds their truest dreams and passions.]

Dreams are the stars we can glimpse

  among heavens were others have flown

  carried by wings crafted with great care

       to ride the updrafts to destinations

       implanted in the hearts of viewers

       like tiny seeds for future happiness

Passions sprout from those sown seeds

   nurtured by consistent thoughtful desire

   and allowed to grow from persistent effort

   into blossoms with the inspiration of those

       we have noticed along the same road

       but defined by our own challenges

            to create unique contributions

These unique contributions become as updrafts

    that take us skywards on wings gained

    due to the transformations our passions

          have taken us through

          on the journey to our dreams


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