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A Stray Poem (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: At least partially inspired by the experiences I had with a sweet kitty who happened to turn up on my front porch.]

I found a Stray Poem was on my front porch

    one clear            Spring morning

         as I stepped outside

                   to view the sunrise

It was a small              and timid text

       half-hidden              under a wooden stool

              beside some potted ferns

                   and flinched away

                         when I took a step closer

Someone must have abandoned it—

        perhaps a visitor to the countryside

              thoughtless and cruel enough

                 to hope what they refused to handle

                         in the broad stretches of fields

                              common around my hometown

I left and returned a moment later

        with a saucer of milk

               alongside soothing words spoken

                      from several feet away


                     little         by        little




                  the Stray Poem emerged

                      to where I could read dismay


                                                  and desperation in every line

I soothed the Stray Poem

         by reciting the works

                 of poets who treated

                        writing with great care

                                     . . . until the Stray Poem crept

                                                    close beside me

                                                            and fell asleep

By evening          I had carried the Stray Poem indoors

               where it became

                       my newest Poem—

                                never to be a Stray

                                            ever again                  


5 thoughts on “A Stray Poem (A Poem)

    1. Agreed. This is basically the way I met my kitty Salem–or her momma cat, more specifically. The mother cat, who we decided to call Dinah, was pregnant and had a little black kitten with her. We took care of them for a while, as we scoured sites that listed missing pets nearby, but the unfortunate truth is that someone probably abandoned Dinah, and that Salem was the only one of that litter to survive.

      We were able to locate a privately-run cat sanctuary of sorts to look after Dinah and her newest litter of kittens, but decided to make ours Salem’s forever home.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww that is a cute story!
        You won’t find it in Northern Europe, but in South Eastern Europe you will find A LOT of stray cats and dogs.
        2 years ago on a trip to Bosnia, we found the two cutest stray puppies.
        Unfortunately we couldn’t find their mum, but we did make the people in the neighborhood aware of the pups. They were accepted immediately!
        I will never be able to forget their cute little faces and soft paws!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Aww, you did a wonderful thing in Bosnia, then. It is great the community took them in so enthusiastically.

        Have you also heard about Cat Island in Japan?


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