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Autumn, An Autumn Ride, and Wishes (By Blessedout)

[Author’s Note: Autumn and An Autumn ride were inspired by an image of a bike with slick, wet tires among golden leaves on pavement. Although I haven’t had a chance to ride my bike much this year, I have fond memories of riding and teaching my children to ride, so I wanted to capture the thrill of riding a bike in these poems.

Wishes was inspired by a childlike nostalgia, as I remembered what it was like to hang all of your hopes and dreams upon a tiny seed carried away by the wind.]


Golden leaves carpet

Gray concrete and wet bike wheels:

A splash of color.

An Autumn Ride

The brisk air chills me

Gears shift, leaves fall – I ride

Content and childlike.


Dandelion seeds

Carried on gossamer wings

Grant a wish for me


Author’s Bio:

Blessedout is a “ridiculous boba-tea-obsessed short chick who loves her family, her faith, and gets WAY too into her fandoms sometimes. Currently fangirling about Hamilton, The Ballad Of Songbirds and Snakes, Ender’s Game, Ender’s Shadow, and fairy-tale/fantasy themed everything. [She has] a dark sense of humor (coping mechanisms, amirite?!) and [has] far more interests/hobbies than [she] can keep up with.

[She is] of Irish, Viking and pirate descent (Captain Morgan got around)… so be careful talking to [her] or you might discover the crazy.”

DeviantArt Page:


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