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A Voyage Across the Clouds (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: May everyone find something or someone who makes them happy to be alive.]

Someday we will take a voyage across the clouds—

                                    you and I—

                away from all the weighty turbulences

                       that keep us anchored

                            in separate harbors

Together we will set sail

          towards distant horizons

                 defined by ethereal dreams to carry our vessel

                                  and the cosmos that stretches overhead

In this liminal space

        we can make a home upon those waves

                           danced on decks stocked with memories

                                  watch our sails flutter like butterfly wings

                                         then breathe in pure jubilation

                                              at what we have created

Until then . . .

                                . . . let us share these visions

                                                        and plan our course

Perhaps we may never captain ships

                                           atop actual clouds

           but what we might gain instead

                        could be just as ideal

                               or even a




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