Journal Entry #10

I didn’t get the library associate position applied for at one of my nearest libraries. A form letter-style email popped into my inbox a short while ago, informing me that although the branch manager and circulation supervisor had carefully considered my application, they had decided to give the opening to another applicant they believed was better suited to the needs of the job.

It was a little discouraging, admittedly. I had given my all in the job interview process, striving to present myself as well as possible, and even lost sleep over the whole matter during this past week. But. . . perhaps it was for the best. Discussing the position and learning more about what it would entail from the interviewers, there were a few points about it that made me concerned as well–such as the lack of any benefits and the erratic way in which the hours got distributed throughout the week.

Life can work out in the strangest ways sometimes, and hopefully the library’s rejection will lead to something better.

Writing really is my passion, after all. It’s what I want to turn into a career, so that is where I want to shine and give the best impression.

[Note]: I don’t mean to criticize libraries in any way. They have had to deal with underfunding and staffing issues for years, which is likely one reason they were unable to provide any benefits–and they might have wanted someone who was even closer to that library or earlier on in their education. If anything, I’m tempted to volunteer for one of the libraries in town instead, just to help out a little.

4 thoughts on “Journal Entry #10

  1. Aargh, I totally feel this frustration. Been there many times.
    And yes, there are tons of job sites for freelance work. I am on a lot of them, but getting a response is extremely rare.
    So far, all the illustration jobs I had, were via the blog to be honest.
    I started with not charging people for my services, but after a year I got a bit more confident.
    Maybe you could consider doing that? Just to build a portfolio, if you don’t have one.

    I actually don’t know your age or whether you have another job?

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    1. One of the reasons I launched this WordPress was with the hope of using it as something of a working portfolio to show potential employers through various freelance writing job boards, but I would be intrigued to learn different ways of going about the process and possibly getting clients.

      I’m 33. While I have earned an MA in Literature & Writing Studies in recent years, my steadiest work has come from being a remote transcriber for a government contractor. However, as mentioned in prior journal entries here, even that work has dried up for the time being.

      Becoming a fulltime writer is my biggest dream, though. It has just been a rough journey there, so I would definitely appreciate any advice. ^_^


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