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Learned Weavings (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Written a short while after I had learned to crochet, which has since proven to be a calming activity–and very constructive as well. The photo above is of a small pouch.]

This past week…        I learned to weave together threads

       by forming one loop             and guiding it through another




                     to create row

                            upon row

                           of a fabric that transformed 

                           based on the subtle touches

                           or decisions I chose to make

I first gripped the hooked metal stick       

                while lost amid a stunned daze

                          like a person at night who watches

                                           a violent and unexpected storm

                                                                     recede into the distance

          but still sees and feels it

                 much too vividly—

                                                        When a gentle voice seemed to whisper

                                                                of a need to try new possibilities

                                                                     to find fresh combinations

                                                                         as I waited for the dawn to arrive


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