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A Comforting, Idle Observation

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Some happy thoughts at bedtime.]

Regardless                                 of how far apart

       each person who reads these words

                                                             may present be

We all exist beneath the same heavens

              that glow

                            with the warmth of day

        then glitter

                       like diamonds

                                           in the darkness


2 thoughts on “A Comforting, Idle Observation

  1. I sometimes think about what people on the other side of the world think about at this exact moment.
    While they are reading these words or looking at the same star.
    It is funny to think about that one of those people might have the same thoughts as you.

    Just a small remark, if I may.
    I would recommend to use photos for each piece you publish. It will catch the attention of other bloggers a bit more and your writing deserves that! I think WP has a free photo library.

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    1. “We all share the same sky.” It really is comforting to know we’re not alone, even if it feels like it sometimes.

      Thank you for the recommendation! I will definitely give it a try, and probably with some of my own photos as well. ^_^ I appreciate the guidance.


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