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One Humble Voice (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Dedicated to all those who strive to have their voices heard in our chaotic world.]

I am one humble voice amid millions

  who wants to help brighten the world

     in any little way

I have listened to those whose voices

  boom with authority above the din

     of injustice and unfairness—

            qualities to applaud

My humble voice is such a frail thing

     blown away like a candleflame

          when exposed to a light breeze

But within me is a steady well of hope

    that grows as if fed by a mountain spring

       to lift spirits with words

              written on a page

                    for release into our world

Maybe such a thing will be enough

     to encourage others whose voices

        seem as fragile as mine

              to share their thoughts and dreams

                   through any medium they can

Because even the tiniest acts of initiative

      can chip away at the chains

         created by fear and anxiety

May all those who struggle

  someday have their voices known

       and hear what they have to say

             echo into the distance

                     like sweet music         


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