Article: Free (Do-It-Yourself) Fun for Your Cat

By Joyce Jacobo

Cats love the simple things in life. They really don’t need expensive toys or gadgets to keep them happy, with their inspiring ability to have fun with what might seem to be the simplest objects around the house. My kitty spends her days indoors, though, and there are occasions where even she can get bored. Thankfully, there are many ways to keep her entertained, which also seem to hold true for many cats.

Here are a few DIY ways to delight your furry companion:

1) String

A long piece of yarn, twine, or anything long and stringy can lead to hours of happiness for a kitty. Salem loves to pursue such slithery joys when they get pulled slowly across the floor and around corners, until they’re just out of sight. She often gets so curious and excited that she eagerly rushes over to grab at it. Dangling the string from up high can also do the trick, with ample opportunities for those small paws to bat at the string, or maybe even launch her upwards after it if lifted just beyond her immediate reach.

2) Boxes

I am still not sure exactly why, but very young children and kitties share an attraction to boxes. For instance, kids might sit in them and pretend they are racecars or any number of imaginary objects and locations. Cats have apparently reached the consensus that they are safe places to hide out, nap, and perhaps launch surprise sneak attacks on unsuspecting passersby.

Boxes of just about every size large enough for cats to fit their bodies into can do the trick, and if you want to get particularly ambitious, you might consider linking several cardboard boxes together into tunnels, which will increase the playtime possibilities.

3) Balls

Yarn, paper, and even aluminum rolled or crumpled into balls, then rolled across the floor, can become easy targets for an interested cat on the prowl. Whether just from their natural hunting instinct or a simple fascination to investigate moving objects, it is likely you will hear energetic scurrying in their direction, especially for younger kitties.

4) You

While there are many toys and places for cats to investigate and enjoy, they treasure deep connections with their family members. Every cat is an individual, with their own personality, but all the ones I have been lucky enough to meet and interact with all share a need for affection.

It is a true blessing to have a cat trust you enough to sleep at your side, rub up against your ankles, or simply want to be around you–and as such, simply spending time with a cat and paying attention to them is probably the best way of all to entertain or delight them.

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