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If I Could… (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Life has gotten so hectic. I always wish that I could do more for others, just to make them happy and ease the burden on their shoulders a bit.]

If I could rearrange the stars in the heavens

   into fanciful new constellations

             just to make you smile

                                                            I would

If I could brush away the shadows

     which hang about your mind like cobwebs

          so dense they can obscure the world

                                                            I would

If I could create an enchanted mirror

   able to reflect the strength I see in you

      or at least how much that means to me

                                                            I would

If I could hand you the best possible tools

        to build a future of your own

              before you pass them on

                   to another person in need

                                                           I would

. . .

. . .

If I could do anything for you

                                                           I would

      but right now

         I hope it makes a difference

                 when I tell you

                         I will do whatever

                                                            I can


5 thoughts on “If I Could… (A Poem)

      1. Just realized your icon was a tree. I’ve been wondering! The chrome tab icon looks a little like Alaska, or a thumbs down, or a human profile. But nope, it’s a tree.

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