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This Textual Structure

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: I love playing with poetry].

This textural structure exists in an unbalanced state

 sometimes in neat lines that rise in precise stacks

         and then other times at a certain angle

                 which begins to tip towards one side

              like a precarious tower of books

   just about ready to tip over

         and slide apart




                                                  until the

                                   whole thing

       shatters        across          the        ground     in        an        array

                   of             disordered                 ideas

          fragmented              with          white    canvas    space

                               between                             them


                                    then this textural structure

                                simply weaves into another form

                                            a new perspective

                                         for fresh examination


                                      did this textural structure

                                        collapse in the first place

                                               or did it simply







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