Journal Entry #6

It’s snowing today. Raindrops drummed on the rooftop of my humble home, and the Santa Ana Winds gusts against the windowpanes, so fiercely yesterday evening that I thought the power might go out–but it held firm all through the night. Which made the sudden silence and blanket of white outside all the more enchanting this early morning. Snow of any kind is a rarity in Southern California, except higher up in the mountainous areas, so it has been a special treat.

I must admit that I got frustrated yesterday, after once again scouring jobs boards on-line without finding any freelance writing opportunities that seemed appropriate for me. Everything I came across demanded a proven knowledge of skills like SEO writing or published articles on specific subjects. It felt as if I had to have already stepped through the door of those opportunities before I had even had the chance to nudge them open.

Sometimes I wonder if just submitting pieces or pitches to various literary magazines would work better for me as a beginning freelance writer, or if I’m doing something so horribly wrong that such a course wouldn’t lead to any better results. I’ve gotten the advice from several talented and far more successful freelancer to get any jobs that I can, or to latch onto the first reasonable possibility that becomes available–but it hasn’t worked out quite yet.

I’ll keep trying to figure things out, though.

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