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Tuna and Peas: A Nostalgic Dish

Food has a certain way of connecting the past to the present. Every dish has some story or sentimental value behind it. I have accumulated many fond memories of baking or cooking meals, using recipes from an old Dutch cookbook that my mother got from her community church while growing up in Michigan. But the “Tuna and Peas” meal we still sometimes make together on Fridays came right out of her memory.

                My mother has always been a hard worker.  She began babysitting her younger siblings around the age of nine and became well known for her reliability and great work ethic, especially among other relatives and family friends from the same area. One of these friends was an older woman, Ms. Remmler, who often asked for my mother’s help around the house, and who taught her the recipe that my brother and I later came to know so well.

                Tuna and Peas tastes great when eaten by itself, but it is especially good when poured over rice, mashed potatoes, or toast. It makes the perfect comfort food. Best of all, the recipe is very simple and takes only around 15 minutes or less to complete.


-26 oz. can mushroom soup

-two cans of tuna

-15 oz. can of peas

-1/2 of milk

-a dash of onion

-a dash of garlic

-a dash of black pepper


-Drain the two cans of tuna and place in a saucepan on the stove. Add the other ingredients and stir until combined. Heat over medium-high heat until hot.

Ah, memories!


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