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A Sketch in Estrangement

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Estrangement, or approaching something as if from an unfamiliar perspective, is actually a fun writing technique. Through estrangement, you can ask questions such as how you might describe a microwave if you had never seen one before, or even how you would explain clouds if no one had ever told you about them. The most mundane things gain a new life, in a way, and it’s fantastic.]

                                     A tall rectangular object

                                     stands made from wood

                                     with a bronze          knob

                                      positioned to the right

                                    side of its viewed surface

Turn the knob

                            and pull

      to reveal a reality

               different than the one

                        in which you reside





            find an identical knob

           (on the other side)

                     push it until a click rings out

                                   and hides where you have been

On some of these portals

                         you can twist another knob

               that locks them against entry

                                     by others

                    or unlocks them to allow

                                for easy access

Found in many structures

   throughout a much broader world—

                all made by hand

                              or machine

           To move


            one state


             the next.


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