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Keyboard Symphony (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Inspired by the fact that computer keyboards are musical in their own way, especially while composing stories on them].

Please allow me to create for you on this page

                 a brief keyboard symphony

        like a concert pianist who performs upon a stage

                     to delight an audience composed of dear friends

I have sometimes pondered the similarities

   between those two instruments—

          the computer of keys inscribed with letters and other marks

                 woven together into a harmonious whole


             the piano of keys where various notes lay hidden under a similar front

               that become rich melodies when pressed with practiced knowledge

Each one brings to life

     a composition

               which rings through the mind and senses when done just right

                     to invoke images that might transport the listener to verdant fields

                                          dominated by golden poppies in the springtime

                           or to moonlight evenings spent beside a crystalline lake

                                   or even into the wild chases of honeybees


     from an enthusiastic passion for life

                    to the slow cadence of regret

           echo like soft notes

                                into the silence

                      which follows their types of sweet music


         we can remember bursts of refrains

                     or excerpts

                             from them at odd moments

They are little connections

   that link one medium to another

       …  or maybe it is just my interpretation

                as I reach the end of this score

                      and allow the ideas

                            to finish

                    their reverberations


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