Free E-Books at Project Gutenberg


The first entry in both the “Online Archives” and “Worthy Causes” sections of this blog is among the most famous of all. Founded in 1971 by Michael Hart, who also invented e-books, Project Gutenberg offers a library of over 60,000 free works in a variety of formats for readers to enjoy.

Most of them are older texts in the public domain, and The Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation (PGLAF) is a non-profit organization that makes it their mission to “preserve literary and other intellectual works” and “make copies of or products based on those works available free of charge or at lowest possible cost to the people of the United States and the world.”

The site has thousands of volunteers to digitize and proofread each entry in their ponderous collection, but they are always looking for more help and donations for anyone interested in helping protect these priceless works for future readers.

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